From Hackers Against Climate Change
  1. Hackers Against Climate Change
  • Part of Extinction Rebellion / Hackers Against Climate Change Workshop (Day 4 @ 35C3)
  • subgroup discussing how to connect to and support climate justice groups
    1. Notes and Ideas
  • provide anonymous devices e.g. phones and sim cards?
  • some groups/activists seem to lack awareness or knowledge about privacy and security
 * maybe we can offer some service to these kinds of groups?
 * showing examples, help with transition to e.g. secure communictaion
  • difference between internal and external communication (there are different needs for e.g. privacy)
  • maybe adapt the cryptoparty concept? e.g. create a guide for "how to make a cryptoparty for activist groups" with tailored recommendations
 * what should we recommend? needs to be discussed and might depend on the activist group and their needs
  • create a howto for setting up your own activist group?
  • we want to create an interface between activists and hackers
  • offer points of contact for climate activist groups, so they could come to us for advice and training
  • we want a sustainability track at 36c3
  • if a website like "hackers against climate change" will be made, one part of it could be to offer a point of contact for advice and offering to come to local groups and train them
  • let's create a group chat and a kanban board for tasks (e.g. wekan or kanboard)