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Join CCC Sustainability (c3sus) and help make CCC events sustainable

At the session we formed working groups - you can still join any team by adding your name as a team member:


Team members: Coco

  • increase awareness of:
    • what should go into the separate bins
    • recycling projects
    • return angel lanyards & name tag pouches (not wanted by heaven, because of hygiene; but people should keep/bring their own lanyard)
    • harm of plastic straws/plates/cups to the environment
      • signs at all bars
      • participate in intro sessions to make sure new bar angels know about this issue
      • talk with Gnomus about alternative options to plastic straws
    • ...


Team members: Nora

  • C3Power does power monitoring, they currently have 20 power meters (https://meter.c3power.de) which they plan to distribute to monitor users (assemblies) with potentially high consumption. The plan is to get power planning done before the assembly planning will be finished. Power planning (done by fengel) involves counting distribution units and cables, asking Messe Leipzig and rental company if they have requested material available, that normally is denied, then the plan will be amended to match with what can be provided by Messe and rental company. The assembly and lighting plans gets adjusted accordingly.

Challenge 1 Deciding which ones to monitor. Distribution of monitoring devices can be optimised when there is clarity as to where assemblies will be located.

  • Messe Leipzig have their system to measure total energy consumption incl. light, heating, cooling. However, their breakdown doesn't distinguish between assemblies, general power usage, lights, escalators, lifts, etc. There are 200 - 300 outlets in use - hard to measure consumption of all of them. Distributor size of power grid at Messe up to 125A
  • C3Power try to take smaller outlets to reduce costs, workload and material needed. In theory, if a big assembly would use four single outlets, all four would have to be monitored, which is more involving (location of assembly and the paths where cables can be placed has to be taken into account, too).

Challenge 2 Budget - Required material that needs to be rented (which material?). Costs relating to Messe Leipzig won't be discussed in public, otherwise that might impact on getting a successful arrangement with Messe Leipzig.

  • Costs for power meters (previously used at CCCamp 2019) about €300 material costs, no labour included. Major costs caused by cases and instrument transformer (standard commercial costs about €2000)

Challenge 3 Pushing the costs below € 200 per device.


Team members:

  • Write a how to get to congress article with emphasis on public transport & car sharing options

Waste management

Team meetings:

  • Monday 30th September at 9pm (Berlin time) - minutes pad here.
  • Week starting 21st October at 9pm (Berlin time) - framadate here - agenda here

We use c3pb.de port 64738 as the mumble server - sustainability room.

Team members: aimeejulia, (add your name here)

Waste management - how it works

  • find out how waste management works at the moment
    • need to talk to LOC about this, Messe provides big (huge) bins more info needed about how smaller bins are distributed & labelled
      • c3trash team have some info about waste generated for 35c3:
        • Residual waste: 11m^3 + 14t + 70 "container
        • Paper: 0.5t + 3 "containers
        • Bulky waste: 18t
        • Glass:16t
        • Packaging:1.5t
        • 7.5th driven straight to the dump
    • determine how & what can be improved
    • ...

Current status: c3trash do not see value in a conversation with c3sus - they would be open to being approached during buildup - topic on hold until then. If you will be there at buildup and would like to pick this up please come forward at the next meeting to discuss this.

Some potential other opportunities to help:

Construction waste, broken sofas and carpets

Completed tasks:

  • have a discussion with LOC about helping with the construction waste and broken sofas
    • in the past LOC had issues with leftover trash of construction wood and sofas which then end up in the trash
    • carpets historically where sent to the landfill however this year they should be recycled - psy to confirm this

Current status - on hold:

  • aimeejulia started a list of local (Leipzig) associations / other groups who may be interested in scrap construction wood and slightly broken sofas
  • nora drafted an email that could be used to contact the local associations
  • after discussion with tofu / foaly and psy it transpired that they would like to confirm first how much material trash galore can take before investing any more time and effort into making a list

Water fountain to reduce plastic bottle waste

  • kritis and blipp had a conversation about potentially trying to organise a water fountain
    • there are many aspects of this that need lenghtly discussions including cost and hygiene considerations

Food vendor waste influence

  • try to influence the 3rd party food vendors through orga / arl
    • make a list of wishes to pass on to orga / arl which they will then pass on to the vendors
      • bio degredable plates and cutlery
      • bio degredable straws
      • eco and sustainably sourced paper napkins
      • ...

If you have more to add to this list please do so by the 21st October 2019 ideally we would only bother orga with this once.


Team meetings:

  • Monday 30th September at 9pm (Berlin time) - minutes pad here.
  • Week starting 21st October at 9pm (Berlin time) - framadate here - agenda here

We use c3pb.de port 64738 as the mumble server - sustainability room.

Team members: aimeejulia, (add your name here)

  • find out how food management works at the moment
    • Messe obliges CCC to use only approved subcontractors
  • determine how & what can be improved
    • We can get involved in this process of selection through orga - we need to send an email!
      • ask for the list of subcontractors
      • review / talk to subcontractors about what they are willing to offer in terms of sustainable food
        • vegan options as a main theme - taking into account food intolerances
        • willingness to use standard dishes that can be washed centrally
      • if no food vendors are willing to provide what we need
        • research & document food vendors that would be willing to go through the subcontractor route
    • Use of donation kitchen is unlikely given the restrictions by the Messe unless they are willing to go through the subcontractor route (it's possible that Messe would not allow them on the list either given the lack of profit generated)
      • ...

Current status - on hold: There seems to be some inconsistency of information provided as to what is possible - pending confirmation of what is the accurate situation before going ahead with orga contact (nora with arl) for the info.

  • confirm if dishwashing station would be possible
    • Julia supports this idea and we are invited to talk to LOC about this
  • confirm if standard dishes would be possible to replace all food vendor / attendees needs

All standardized plates suggestions were disregarded since this would increase the cost to the event.

Merchandise & Angelwares

Team members:

  • find out current arrangements
  • work with merch team to provide angels with reusable bottles - replace plastic bottles
    • the bottle should have a sticker with people's name on it
    • the bottle should have a sticked on it that says "if I am lost - return me to heaven"
    • the bottle should not come pre-filled! it should come with info where the nearest refilling stations are
    • there should be a hooped handle on it so people can easily attach it to their bags or their person while they walk around
    • comment: Please consider what the production of roughly 1.5k bottles would mean. People have about 100 bottles at home. All they would need to do is bring them.
  • work with merch team to provide fair produced, eco friendly alternatives to current quality
    • comment: Please collect adequate information on status quo before making uninformed "recommendations" just because you feel the need to contribute – Merch has literally always been oekotex 100 and fair wear certified.
  • research sources for eco firendly stickers that can be recommended to all hackerspaces & orga
  • ...


Suggestions on https://content.events.ccc.de/haveyoursay/

  • Chris Adams from climateaction.tech
  • Psychologists for Future