CCC Sustainability/Conference Calls/March 2019

From Hackers Against Climate Change

Pad with agenda and meeting notes during the call

10th of March 2019

Participants: blipp, Cark, coco, eckartt, faze, Gunnar, Mehdi, Valentin

Call starts: 6:02 pm

Call ends: 7:55 pm

Protocol of last call




How to make an event Sustainible (Mehdi)
blipp: There is a conference who tries to convince atendees to offset their CO2-Emmission (but next to nobody does -> Conclusion: The event has to do it for you by default as opt-out)
Cark was involved with some events
  • Bits&Bäume Dresden (23. May)
  • Met Potsdam-Institut (Dr. Fritz Reusswig), asked for help, no response yet. Will ask again.
  • Postet and formatted Pad content in Wiki.
  • Introduced us to Franziska from Ökoinstitut. She thanked us for this.
  • Contact to dodger w.r.t compost toilets -> referred to cpunkt -> no answert yet
  • nothing new

Easterhegg 19

Thank you for your contributions. ((very to extremely)-long-distance train journey guide) (From Poland, Germany to Vienna)

  • T-Shirts will be bio/organic/GOTS - and you will have to wash them -
  • Colour: Heard that too, black seems ok when certified ... don't know
  • How about "bring your own garment" and a printing service? Like at "Bits & Bäume". (Cark: I think this involves dangerous chemicals and might not be a good in crowded places)

Name Diskussion

  • C3Sustainability
  • C3Sustained
  • C3Sus(favorite)
  • C3S
  • C3EOC Environment Operation Center?
  • C3Soc (Occupied)
  • 140 Twitter
  • 240 Mastodon
  • Blip tries renaming the accounts.
  • Short: c3sus
  • Long: CCC Sustainability Operation Center

Next steps for the group

  • monthly call: ClarK invites with dudle, who creates the Wikipage? Who moderates the call?
  • Produce a guide to sustainable chaos events. Collect and document it in a way we and other can use, implement and proove it.
  • Helping implement this guide
  • Having an Eye on events and help to think about Sustainablity on their events.
  • Holding Sessions about our thoughts and beeing present on events. (Tent, Space for Sustainable Workshops).
  • blip asks on the mailinglist who is going to the camp. And who is interested in doing an Assembly. Also the hacc Mailinglist. Also asking on Social Media "who is going and interested in Sustainability" (Coco and blipp will sure be there)

Upcoming Events

Date for next call

  • Sunday Cark is sending mail and dudel over the mailinglist.

Documents to be written

  • guide (Wiki) for sustainable C3 events
  • short info/flyer to convince participants why sustaiability is important


  • Gunnar, Blib, Valentin and CarK: Paragraph on responsible travel:
  • CarK:Is there a Kanban tool on the Haccserver? Could we use e.g.
  • CarK: follow up the" Apple-Mail" (B&B)
  • CarK: renaming the Mumble Channel
  • Valentin Protocol- and Wikipflege
  • Gunnar: Will ask people from interesting organisations for help if possible (because i work in sustainability i sometimes get to meet those)
  • Mehdi : Draft of a guide : howto to make an sustainable event + chart + Flyers for visitors + material to convince
  • Mehdi: Checking the Microphone. Sound is hard to understand and dissorted.
  • blip get's and renaming the accounts.
  • blip is informing the community about the name change
  • blipp asks on hacc@ for camp assembly, then maybe creating another mailinglist also on social media