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Personal Manifesto

We as hackers have all the time in the universe to play around with interesting LED lights and funny robots, but we have to solve the climate crises in the next years!

To solve the crises we need all the things the CCC is supporting: democracy, privacy, skill sharing of technical knowledge. We have to hack the political system and to change our value system.

As hackers we know that at some points we are also a part of the problem: So the energy consumption of our electronically devices are to high and the production is far away from environmental friendly. But we want to try to be part of the solution: The change of the energy system to wind and solar needs software algorithms and digitization. Mobility solution like ride sharing are be based on software. Electrical (autonomous) cars are batteries and computers on wheels.

We have respect that other hackers have other priorities, because we know that other Open Source software projects and political engagement have also a very positive effect on the world. A notice for all this people, there are important things everyone can to with a small amount of time: divestment, voting carefully, changing the power provider...

Main aims of HACC are (in my eyes):

  • Increase awareness of the problem. Fighting against blindness and climate change deniers.
  • Share knowledge, tools and data visualization
  • Making the next events more ecological friendly and make them to a discussion room for solutions. For the environment the times between the hacker events are the important ones.

How to work

It's perhaps not the best way to talk about armageddon. It seems better to show how interesting the climate system is, by showing Show gigantic wild fires in Canada and processes in the Arctis with Nasa Worldview. Show how interesting actual solution with wind and solar power are.


At 35C3 we had also discussions about actual mass extinctions and problems in ecology, that at the end is threaten us. Beside of climate change we have also to tackle this problems at the same time.

As an engineer I came to my conclusion that technical solutions alone are not enough. We need changes in the society and our value system, we have to hack the political system. Only so we are getting long living products and sustainable infrastructure. This would make it for everyone much easier to live inside the carbon limit.

Following line of questions could work to become a climate activist:

  • Is climate change a problem that is endanger my peaceful pension? Or is it something that endanger something I really love the live of my childrens, positive sci-fi, coral reefs, cultural heritage close to sealevel?
  • Could there be a bug in climate science? It make sense to compare the work of real climate scientists with the pseudo scientific methods of climate change sceptics. If the anser is no we come to point 3.
  • What can I really do?

My background

  • Years as contributor at Wikipedia and OpenStreetMap
  • German mechanical engineer

Works on renewable energy