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about:future is a cluster inside the cluster about:freedom during 36c3. Please find our description and which assemblies are part of us on the assembly platform.

Call for Participation


This year's Chaos Communication Congress, 36c3, is approaching! This is the first time about:future is present as a cluster at congress at the side of our friends from about:freedom. At this year's camp we came together for the first time. Let's read from the beginning of our cluster's definition:

about:future is a cluster with a focus on sustainability and social-ecological transformation. We are a union of initiatives and non-profits who advocate for political change and develop solutions for a sustainable and fair society. The core defining principles of our cluster are the realisation that the climate crisis we are facing is human-made, and that we need large-scale systemic change in our economies and societies to limit its impact as fast as possible.

The content team for the mainline tracks at 36c3 decided to have an entire content track dedicated to “Resilience & Sustainabilty” (we think that is awesome, by the way). It's definition is:

This year, we’ll put a special emphasis on submissions regarding topics that help making our planet worth living for much longer: If you’re a climate scientist, a lobbyist for the right to repair, a tinkerer scrubbing CO₂ from our atmosphere or a software programmer optimizing code or protocols to reduce their energy impact, we keep a dedicated pool of lectures just for you!

In a recent update, they published the numbers of submissions, and how many they could likely accept. For “Resilience & Sustainability” there were 61 submissions, and there are around 16 slots allocated for this track. We are thrilled to see that this topic is gaining popularity! Obviously, not all those 61 submissions can get accepted, and we trust the content team to make a good choice. In the blog post, they give insight on their reviewing process.

The about:future Call for Participation

about:freedom and about:future are not running an own stage this year, but we got offered to fill a small number of slots on stages of befriended clusters. This means we encourage you to submit your talk to the about:freedom call for participation until November 22, 2019. See https://fsfe.org/news/2019/news-20191102-01.en.html for the details needed for your submission; you need to send an email to Erik (auch auf Deutsch verfügbar). As the amount of sessions we can host is limited, we will make sure to notify you in time such that you could re-submit your talk to one of the other stages (see below).

For your submission, you can draw inspiration from the sustainability programme at CCCamp2019: https://events.ccc.de/camp/2019/wiki/Village:Bits%26B%C3%A4ume#Calendar_of_Related_Events_at_Camp

Other Places for Talks and Workshops

For a workshop or meeting, or a talk that didn't get accepted at about:freedom, you have the following options: