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c3sus is a CCC orga team helping with sustainability at C3 events. Sometimes we are called “sus”, “CCC Sustainability”, or “CCC Sustainability Operation Center”.


Disclaimer: This is c3sus' internal wiki. We chose to leave it public for transparency reasons and to ease collaboration. There might be unfinished thoughts and ideas not thought through in our notes. Notably, there might be ideas that are incompatible with the way CCC events are organised right now, or conflicting with important requirements of the events. Or ideas that are already implemented by a CCC orga team or that have already been tried in the past and didn't work out. In these cases we just don't know better, yet: those events are huge and have a long history. Thus, please read our notes with a grain of salt. If you want to help us and know something we should know, please drop us a line, we are happy to hear from you.

Communication Channels

Team Contact

We have a few quasi public channels (see below), and this private email address: team {-ät-} c3sus {-dot-} de

Mailing Lists

There is a mailing list for c3sus that we use for general internal discussion: Feel free to subscribe and contribute! Mailinglist c3sustainability


There is a Rocket.Chat instance for CCC events. c3sus has a channel: https://rocket.events.ccc.de/channel/c3sus

Social Media

c3sus' self-conception/Mission statement // Das Selbstverständnis von c3sus

See a draft here.

Conference Calls - General

Conference Calls - Food & Waste

If this is your first meeting - Welcome!

  • Purpose of the Mumble sessions is to:
  • get to know the people who are interested in this topic / want to be active
  • self organise allocation of tasks

Additional ideas which are not connected to the topics already mentioned in the agenda are welcome and encouraged and can be documented at the bottom of each page under extra ideas to be discussed if there is time or at the next meeting. If we find that there is scope for separate meetings for food and waste then we can have an hour on each topic to accomodate more participants & tasks.

Proposed solutions ideally should not add costs on to the event, knowledge of what is currently being done and how the impacted teams feel about the solution should be first explored before going ahead with any recommendations. We do not want to add work on to the teams - propose solutions that you can contribute your energy and time to. Approach other teams with an open mind and a spirit of collaboration - we are the friendly go-to-people for sustainable topics.

Research and Information Sources


Past Events