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Disclaimer: This is c3sus' internal wiki. We chose to leave it public for transparency reasons and to ease collaboration. There might be unfinished thoughts and ideas not thought through in our notes. Notably, there might be ideas that are incompatible with the way CCC events are organised right now, or conflicting with important requirements of the events. Or ideas that are already implemented by a CCC orga team or that have already been tried in the past and didn't work out. In these cases we just don't know better, yet: those events are huge and have a long history. Thus, please read our notes with a grain of salt. If you want to help us and know something we should know, please drop us a line, we are happy to hear from you.

Wish list:

  • Food
    • No meat in the kidspace area
    • A good main kitchen serving vegan options
      • taking into consideration intolerances
      • low cost €2 to €3 per meal
      • using organic and regional food where possible
      • good coordination between kitchens for ordering supplies (reduce number of orders + delivery rounds)
    • central visibility for leftover food/meals across villages (not depending on twitter etc.)
  • Transportation
    • Better visibility of car sharing options
  • Power
    • Reduction / Elimination of use of the diesel generators - see [Projects:Microgrid]
    • Light auto-turnoff at daytime (for the DMX compatible lights -> centralizable?)
  • ...

Possible Good Contractors:

  • Food
    • Black Kitchen Riot Catering
      • good network with other like minded kitchens
      • can easily cater for 5,000 people
      • vegan and regional possible
      • intolerances taken into account
      • volunteers will be needed to help c. 10 to 15 for 5k events - can be recalculated when needed
      • food waste conscious
      • could supply 2 meals per day at €5 to €7
      • contact - Jonas - post[at]blackkitchen.space

  • Waste
    • pocket ashtrays & location ashtrays (reduce cigarette butts)