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Collection of what we did during Camp

This is just to collect the things we did, so that we know on what we need feedback

  • village inside about:freedom
  • one table/booth in the about:planet tent with stickers and flyers
  • tent and matress repair
  • Twitter @c3sus and Mastodon @c3sustainability@chaos.social
  • c3sus introduction meeting
  • c3sus follow-up meeting
  • shadow sustainability programme on our village's wiki page
  • short talk at Infrastructure Review
  • organise organic waste bins on short notice
  • interviewing some kitchens
  • labelled bins for different waste + what (not) to put in it
  • more info about what is going on in the wiki
  • teams formed for different areas of interest
  • ordered stickers, flyers, and posters for September 20

Went Awesome / Continue Doing

  • wiki documentation
    • one single source of truth(TM)
    • how do we host this?
    • Do we know anyone? Hackerspace to help? maybe ask on the c3sus mailinglist
  • infrastructure provided by about:freedom was awesome (stage, workshop tent, booth, kitchen, common space)
    • highlight the noise level going forward

Went Less Awesome / Stop Doing / Do Differently

  • c3sus follow-up meeting collided with hanno's talk at thm
  • plan meetings with the more general schedule
    • blipp needs support! and cannot do everything on his own :-)
  • shadow sustainability programme on our wiki page did not update automatically -> use/create some software/script that can do that
    • send a call out on the mailing list to ask if anyone can pick this up
  • switching off generators
    • team up with solar power group
  • almost doubling the cost for waste disposal
    • apparently someone called the waste management company and ordered more bins without coordinate with PL
    • For Leipzig: start planning waaay early if we want to get involved

Could Be Awesome / Start doing

  • Develop self-conception of the group, incl. discuss how does C3Sus wants to interact with other groups. View orga as part of the team making C3 more sustainable and not the "enemy"
    • focus on help to do stuff
    • include c3sus help offer into locruf?
    • invest time into researching where we can have the highest impact
  • Talk about who has what kind of experiences at Congresses/Camps
  • regular meetings between events
    • bi-weekly?
    • set weekday? - poll for date and time with Tofu
    • sub-team meetings / sub-projects in between, report back to main meeting
  • eco friendly signs
    • faze is on that?
  • Define mid to long-term goals - what do we try to achieve?
  • Angel badges
    • contact Faze to confirm if he has already picked it up
  • Water refill station
    • lynx needs info from blipp & kritis about this - BOC / gnomus may be already looking into this
    • this could save money to buy efficient, fast, water refill station
    • research topic - if someone is interested can pick this up as a project - should get in touch with kritis / blipp
    • research topic / effort - can we try to get a water fountain at congress with a water counter that tells ccc how much money was used / saved?
    • LOC: recycle/reuse stuff that is leftover: find people that would agree to take it as a donation (tofu, foaly)
  • CO2 offsetting for trucks

questions on other topics

  • how many people are active in c3sus?
    • faze, gunnar, blipp, aimee, lynx, coco... - under 10 people
  • think about nice ways on how to mark own bottle
    • marker on wet bottle doesn't work - permanent markers should work fine on dry bottles, attaching the permanent marker to something that doesn't walk off could work
    • ~~possible solution printing small labels - not too sustainable~~
    • possible solution: add sign - Label your bottles - everywhere you can get drinks
    • There are special etching markers for glass bottles
    • possible solution: molded mate clips that can be written on with a permanent marker - funding could be an issue but gimmicky could work for adoption rate
    • possible solution: provided pieces of cord to attach bottle to self / belt / bags etc - sustainable eco friendly material?
    • videos and manuals are nice, but don't belittle people, don't downtalk them
  • providing mediation between people to reduce incidents such as turning off generators
    • blipp will try to mediate in the pool situation
    • on a meta note: the CCC events are a structure/framework that enables people to try out things – c3sus doesn't want to interfere with that in the sense of prohibitions, that just doesn't fit into the culture of the events
    • in any case c3sus is not the instance that can decide if something is forbidden or not. that's the PL/assembly orga. of course we /could/ work with them if we /would/ want to establish kind of an sustainability codex at some point /well before/ an event.
  • transparency of orga stuff: some people that came to the c3sus meetings were frustrated because it's not very transparent how the events are organised
    • c3sus could step by step document the knowledge it gains about sustainability in the wiki (at some point a podcast ;). That way we can point people to it.