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Attendees: Fnark, aimeejulia, coco, Nora, blipp.

Intro from participants

  • who is who? & why are you interested in this topic?
    • Fnark - involved in ridesharing and would like to integrate ridesharing function within ticket site, matching people with rides... for food sharing he was involved in küchenmonitor that monitors food waste in schools - eventually to be opensource, main target for reduce food waste
    • aimeejulia - cofounder of ehf, into sustainability topics and eco projects overall
    • coco - heard of this at 35c3, into eco projects overall. Usually in team c3heaven doing Heaven frontdesk stuff.
    • Nora - not involved in projects yet but interested in sustainability topic, coming to next congress
    • blipp - cofounder of c3sus at 35c3, organised lots of things for camp village, c3sus meetings... have been in sustainability for a long time, climate change topics at the last congress triggered more involvement on this topic, in this group he wants to listen in and will be more involved in the overall orga of the village - coordination and support, public relations with other teams and polishing up our image
  • what are your expectations?
    • no specific expectations - food waste at the camp didn't seem an issue, food at the 35c3 was bad so he sourced his own food
    • more interested in collection system for batteries and elec, not so interested in food
    • no specific expectations - opportunity to have an overview of stats of whether our assumption of food waste is correct, eg the straw topic / single use plastic from a sustainability perspective would be a no go / avoidable could be approached without upsetting other teams
    • to bring forward small but useful changes in a way that other teams want us to be involved
  • How are people feeling after camp & how is the motivation/time level for 36c3?
    • feeling great after camp, was not heavily involved or only superficially - average motivation
    • feel also good, at camp was hectic with the food and waste topics but enjoyed talking to the different kitchens about they operate
    • the camp was great, was not so involved other then placing signs, lack of awareness of existing tech waste recycling projects on site
    • fnark feels frustrated with climate change topic, not optimistic, more communication and info needed
  • What preparations are attendants involved with for 36c3
    • already doc in the next points for aimeejulia
    • blipp is organising the village
    • nora plans to join the translations team at congress
    • coco plans to stick to the heaven team, but will do small things like looking after the battery collection boxes and placing C3Signs

Unallocated tasks

do some outreach work with komona

  • komona was indicated to be a producer of construction trash by LOC perhaps we can contact them to find out what they have in mind and whether they need help to dispose of their trash / takes load off LOC / make komona more aware of their trash production
  • remains unallocated - put forward for the next meeting perhaps

Allocated tasks

documentation of progress / info learned on the wiki

  • everyone takes ownership of documenting their tasks / research / knowledge / solutions

construction wood & broken sofa waste

  • find / make a list of local (leipzig) associations / other groups who may be interested in scrap construction wood and slightly broken sofas - list should include:
    • name of association / group
    • contact person
    • email address
  • Aimee started a list but needs help... can someone pick up with tofu / faoly they also have some contacts that could be useful
  • send a contact email to find out which of them would be interested and create a shortlist
    • name of association / group
    • contact person
    • email address
    • telephone number - important to pick up
  • keep LOC / psy / tofu / faoly in the loop
[x] Nora would be happy to help aimeejulia with a draft email & translate in german, share with the burden of sending out / responding to emails

Other electronic waste / give & take box

  • coco suggests a "give and take" box for small electronic parts should be a quite flat cardboard box, so that people do not drop large things that we cannot leave at the shopping center's waste station. The rest of this point is signs and funny design.
  • coco will bring signs and aimeejulia will see if she can find boxes and if not we organise cardboard boxes on site
  • Boxes should be placed next to the bottle drop points, at least one per assembly hall

orga meetings

  • attend congress orga meetings to get to know orga and basics of how things are organised - blipp (difficult for aimeejulia because meetings are in german)

Plastic straws

  • coco asked C3Bar (via Twitter PN) for a chat about providing alternatives to plastic straws, e.g. optional macaroni or paper straws. - when aimeejulia discussed this topic with gnomus at camp he said that BOC was also looking into this already so it might be worth reigniting this topic with him as well


food (how is it organised)

  • get in touch with food team to gain more knowledge about the topic / get involved in decision making - aimeejulia sent an email to the food team
  • backstage kitchen / food team needs to be contacted about single-use cutlery (they think it is forbidden?? kritis said) - aimeejulia to pick this up
  • blipp doesn't know who is organising the food vendors - nora was in touch with lasse about the external food suppliers, nora could approach arl from orga pl to ask who in orga takes care of this ext food vendor selection

trash (how is it organised)

  • get in touch with c3trash team to offer assistance - aimeejulia sent an message to Lux who added her on the cstrash rocketchat - Echo replied saying they do not see value in a conversation at the moment but would be open to one during build-up - who is there at build-up?

Next meeting

  • Aimee to make poll
  • frequency of the meetings?
    • once every 2 weeks
    • Monday's @9pm

Extra ideas for next meeting

  • What do we want to achieve / ideas
    • Food
      • Food vendors with sustainability in mind - eg compostable or reusable plates / cutlery
      • Provide free/donation based apples (like on Bits&Bäume Conference 2018)?
    • Waste
      • Enable eco friendly Waste disposal of batteries
      • Reduction of plastic disposables at the bar
      • Increased knowledge of how general waste disposal works - in progress
      • Simplify the possibility for waste separation
        • boxes for different kinds of waste
        • information material: how to do waste separation
        • Carsten has (sort of) contact to smtw (core team member, see email from 2019-09-30)
        • Hand in hand collaboration with orga / become helpful go to team for eco friendly / sustainable solutions / research