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Attendees: aimeejulia, Nora, coco, ...

Status of allocated tasks


  • gain knowledge on how it is organised (aimeejulia / Carsten?)
  • ON HOLD: no further contact with c3trash - pending to restart at buildup - unfortunately aimeejulia is not able to attend buildup so this will need to be reallocated to someone else - perhaps Carsten who has contact with smwt? - aimeejulia to try and contact Carsten for an update #TODO

construction wood & broken sofa waste (foaly)

  • ON HOLD: faoly to keep us posted with their progress with trashgalore - we will leave it until the next general meeting to ask for an update and then close the issue if our help is not needed

other electronic waste / give and take box (coco)

  • coco tried the concept at another smaller event. The box filled with a few things during the event, but everything except 3 batteries was picked up again. Left the Hackover with 3 batteries and an empty box.
  • One person dumped plastic items next to the box that "might be useful as well". That made others drop more plastic. (By the way, I know his name and sent all the plastic back to him.)
  • A sign is needed to make sure the boxes do not become trash islands!
  • coco spoke with blipp about the concept so that he can present it at the general orga meeting wednesday.

plastic straws (coco)

BOC is testing alternatives. We can have a look at the chosen alternatives at the event. Topic shelved until then.

water fountain to reduce plastic bottle waste (blipp, kritis)

  • kritis had a discussion with blipp about a potential water fountain, was there any progress on this topic?
  • do we want to reconsider going forward with this after the latest pr (https://www.ccc.de/updates/2019/36c3-in-leipzig) since orga seems to want to keep the event as a copy of last year? - aimeejulia to ask blipp about an update if there is one and then decide whether we should pursue it or shelve it. #TODO

food vendor waste influence (tofu, aimeejulia & nora)

  • A wish list to be collated (everyone who wants can participate): https://hacc.uber.space/36c3#Waste_management - deadline 21st October so we only contact orga once with this - if nora has contact with arl then she or tofu can send arl the list - there is probably no need to send this on now because tofu has supplied a link that says all food vendors have to provide biodegradable disposables.
  • ask psy about some clarification about different types of big bins have been ordered

where does it go after messe? - aimeejulia #TODO


  • gain knowledge on how it is organised (aimeejulia, nora)
  • ON HOLD: pending confirmation from tofu / nora (through dodger) as to which info is accurate about the selection process for food vendors: https://hacc.uber.space/36c3#Food
  • Nora has been referred to dodger by arl (06/10/19). According to arl, dodger will be in touch once he received relevant information from Messe about food stall operators for this year. Tofu was in touch with dodger (14/10/19) and can confirm that he hasn´t forgotten and will be in touch soon.

dispelling rumors about disposables ban for angel kitchen

aimeejulia tried to contact food team by email (no response) and on rocketchat...any other suggestions about how to get some feedback? inclined to wait longer to see if they reply we already know that the mecklenburger has good sustainable practices so not really worried about that - aimeejulia ON HOLD

free/donation based apples (algodor)

  • Like on Bits&Bäume Conference 2018?
  • tofu said there could be overlap with foodhacking base / algoldor - what is possible? how do we go about it? - aimeejulia to talk to algodor on rocketchat #TODO

unallocated tasks

  • do some outreach work with komona
    • komona was indicated to be a producer of construction trash by LOC / psy perhaps we can contact them to find out what they have in mind and whether they need help to dispose of their trash / takes load off LOC / make komona more aware of their trash production: ONHOLD until the event or until someone has already direct contact with them

Next meeting 4th November 2019 21:00 - 22:00 mumble