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Disclaimer: This is c3sus' internal wiki. We chose to leave it public for transparency reasons and to ease collaboration. There might be unfinished thoughts and ideas not thought through in our notes. Notably, there might be ideas that are incompatible with the way CCC events are organised right now, or conflicting with important requirements of the events. Or ideas that are already implemented by a CCC orga team or that have already been tried in the past and didn't work out. In these cases we just don't know better, yet: those events are huge and have a long history. Thus, please read our notes with a grain of salt. If you want to help us and know something we should know, please drop us a line, we are happy to hear from you.

  • presence: Aimee, blipp, coco, tofu, Nora, Nos, lynx, Gunnar

Tap water project (blipp)

  • No news since last time. Still waiting for information from drink retailer.

Cluster (blipp)

  • Location: CCL
  • Name: about:future

Cluster description

Call for Participation

  • The idea is to have a call for participation, let people register their own self-organised sessions, have a sustainability programme and promote our sessions that take place in the common session rooms, on a board in the cluster.

IT infrastructure (blipp)

  • Email address team {-ätt-} c3sus {-dot-} de as general contact. So far we used the mailing list, which for non-subscribers just basically sent the mail to …-owners@, which kind of worked as a workaround.
    • Who wants to receive those mails to help blipp with general enquiries? Even if it's just pinging him if he forgot to answer? (Background: LOC et al don't want single point of failure)
[x] coco
[x] aimeejulia
  • Email address aboutfuture {-ätt-} c3sus {-dot-} de for the cluster orga
Basically the same question, but less urgent because there is still the other organisators of about:freedom as a backup.
  • blipp set up c3sus.de to forward to https://hacc.uber.space/c3sus
    • Everything c3sus-related in the wiki has been moved to be a sub page of c3sus.
    • Please create new pages as sub pages of the page c3sus in the future.
  • It would be nice if someone could copy paste all the Mumble pads to the wiki, in the style of the already existing pages
[x] nora
  • Do we want the meeting notes to be public?
Everyone present agreed.

Food and waste team update (aimeejulia/coco/nora)

  • battery collection - organised (coco & aimeejulia)
    • give and take boxes / electronic waste - pending approval & location (blipp / aimeejulia / coco)
    • locations will be at the decentralized sticker boxes (coco talked to c3stoc)
    • Amount of assemblies and their locations are still pending
    • this seems better than near the trash, because it keeps the collection free from unwanted items
    • collection will happen collectively (nora/coco/aimeejulia)
  • foodsharing feature on/off toggle for assemblies on c3nav - suggested (aimeejulia)
  • free apples project - on hold (aimeejulia / algodor)
  • organic trash bins in the halle 4x locations - pending approval (aimeejulia / psy)
  • PLA research - ongoing (public, questions to Leipzig city - aimeejulia) - https://hacc.uber.space/PLA_research_page
    • at ChaosZone there is an filament exchange planned (nos)
  • Food vendors choice (nora)
    • Dodger said that vendors have already been confirmed back in early spring, if we want to get involved we would need to get in touch with him in early February - status parked until then, best to talk to him on site / have a beer with dodger & maybe later meet xenia (tofu)
    • http://www.fairgourmet.de/en/company/sustainability/ - link to food contractor of Messe and how they deal with their waste

cigarette butts? (Gunnar)

  • one option tobarecycle collection? - would have to be taken to Berlin Spandau
[x] Gunnar would be happy to take it to Spandau
  • requirements: containers to collect cigarette butts
[x] aimeejulia will talk to psy about how this would work
  • On hold until Gunnar gives aimeejulia the go ahead
  • another option would be to turn them into 3D printer material (another filament exchange topic)

Do you all have a ticket?

  • Nos needs a ticket - got one from coco
  • Gunnar maybe needs a ticket