c3sus/Conference Calls/2019-11-04

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Attendees: aimeejulia, Nora.

Status of allocated tasks

  • All items from the previous meetings that are not documented here have been shelved (on hold or aborted)

organic trash bins in the halls (aimeejulia)

  • Supported by LOC (psy) - We will be setting up 4x organic waste bins across the halls. Bins will need emptying twice a day: volunteers are needed to join the team.
  • Shifts @11:00 & @22:00 during the event.
  • The idea is to collect bin bags from the bins, drop them off to the trash area and put new bags in the bins. In extraordinary cases if the bags tear the bin will also have to be washed and returned clean to the halls.
  • Specific bin locations: tbc
  • Bin bags: bio compostable bin liners - !remember that hot food will melt the bin bags!
  • Gloves:
  • Signs needed: what should and should not go in the bins
  • Volunteers needed :-D Time volunteered will be added to the angel system.
  • Add your name to team to help out with the shift:
[x] aimeejulia
[x] JustTB
[x] <add your name here>

organic trash location & promotion for users

  • The idea is to mark the locations of the bins on the C3nav map
  • c3nav are working on improving the UI to make it possible for users to add things on the map themselves, so we can wait to see if this happen and if not we can ping them to put it on
  • pictorial signs for the bins would be good... maybe Coco would be interested in organising this?

other electronic waste / give and take box (coco)

  • Task still pending with Blipp to present the concept to orga.
  • aimeejulia confirms that Mitch Altman / Hardware hacking area want to host a box! We can go set it up from the 25/26th Dec.

plastic straws PLA research (public research)

  • BOC is testing PLA as an alternative, aimeejulia started a page: https://hacc.uber.space/PLA_research_page to document research
  • Status: pending response from the city on whether the PLA straws can go in the yellow or black bin. What do we do if they say it goes in the black bin to be burned?

Aimeejulia is in touch with someone from dresden who has an extruder machine but is not sure whether they come to congress... pending more info

food vendors (aimeejulia, nora)

  • Last update: the food vendors selection happens in Spring 2020 so to get involved we need to talk to dodger at 36c3 to get involved for 37c3, foaly has his number but maybe we can also catch dodger

free/donation based apples (algodor)

  • tofu said there could be overlap with foodhacking base / algoldor - what is possible? how do we go about it? - aimeejulia to talk to algodor on rocketchat #TODO

Next meeting 18th November 2019 21:00 - 22:00 mumble