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Disclaimer: This is c3sus' internal wiki. We chose to leave it public for transparency reasons and to ease collaboration. There might be unfinished thoughts and ideas not thought through in our notes. Notably, there might be ideas that are incompatible with the way CCC events are organised right now, or conflicting with important requirements of the events. Or ideas that are already implemented by a CCC orga team or that have already been tried in the past and didn't work out. In these cases we just don't know better, yet: those events are huge and have a long history. Thus, please read our notes with a grain of salt. If you want to help us and know something we should know, please drop us a line, we are happy to hear from you.

present: blipp, Nora, Frax, coco, tofu, Nos, lynx


  • WOC: blipp spoke to L3D. They'll continue to use kitchen roll, and we could try to place a organic waste bin close to them
  • tofu organised good-quality pocket lighters (Feuerzeug) that will be sold at Späti, with logo printed on them

Proof-reading for Filament Exchange

  • We have been asked to proof-read:



  • Fairgourmet is only using PLA in salad bowls according to their website:


  • Becher für warme und kalte Getränke sowie Einwegbesteck bestehen aus Zellulose.
  • Pappen für Currywurst und Suppenterrinen bestehen aus Zuckerrohrabfällen. Damit werden Stoffe verwertet, die sonst ungenutzt entsorgt werden würden.
  • Salate reichen wir in Schalen aus transparentem Bio-Kunststoff (PLA – Polyactide, hergestellt aus Glukose). Diese Materialien basieren auf nachwachsenden Rohstoffen und lassen sich biologisch abbauen. Sie sind problemlos kompostierbar oder können in der Biogasanlage zur Energieerzeugung genutzt werden.

sporks and dishwashing for cutlery

  • blipp summarised the discussion around Sporks and reusable cutlery that recently took place on Mastodon and coversations he had with C3Gelb.
  • challenge for AliExpress: find one with the lowest shipping costs (shipping costs of around $80 for 200 sporks)
  • getting in touch with Serious Business (via Assembly team) or ask if Späti could distribute Sporks
  • On day 1 and 2 we could offer them via the about:freedom assembly area, whatever isn't picked up could be offered via Späti or near the food stalls
    • blipp makes the order on AliExpress and sends his IBAN to those who wanted to help with the payment
    • blipp contacts Assembly orga to discuss the spork situation
    • coco asks in the rocket channel and tries to get old "Schlagbuchstaben" from ebay

c3sus meeting during 36c3


  • blipp knows more about build-up of the cluster by the end of the week and will send an update: how many helpers are needed, and when, etc

Next call

  • in two weeks on December 16, this is likely the last call before congress
  • date collision with the Heaven team mumble, maybe coco won't attend