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Power production at CCL


  • CHP plant at Location, produces 800 kW electric from natural gas. Waste heat goes into building. 800 kW probably is not enough to run congress all the time. Source

Has been asked, awaiting answer:

  • What kind of power (renewable? lignite?) does CCL buy for the electricity it needs from the grid when the CHP plant does not deliver enough? PL has been asked.

Power Usage at Congress


  • Chaos West Stage needs 16 kW in total, 8 for LED wall, 8 for everything else. Source: I asked stage manager.
  • The tram runs on 100% renewable electricity Source

What to do

  • Power is already pretty clean due to CHP system. Try to have 100% renewable for excess power by talking CCL into it.
  • Option: Buy RECS certificates for used power to "convert" it to green energy. (These certificates make some renewable power non-renewable, so their renewable-status can be sold and bought, disconnecting power delivery contracts from its "green" status) Alternatively buy carbon offsetting.