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HACC - Day 4 orga meeting

Suggestion: 3 p.m. @ the wastelands crane Is it happening? Yes! Find us near the crane (at the video feedback table)


   Which tools/additional infrastructure do we want?
       Setup tools for communication (what's used inside CCC?)
       Suggestion 1: A Wiki to collect information about others, to help others, and so on
       Some kind of "chat  system"  Slack / Mattermost
           Problem with hosting: a domain might set the name (if selfhosted), but not selfhosting is bad for "hacker appeal"
               domain ideas: 
                   climate.ccc.de (subdomain, complicated politics)
                   hackvironment.org  (registered=
                   hacc.wiki (registered)
           Matrix chat: Set up a room
               I set up a room, though I don't have any experience as an admin of a public room: #hacc:matrix.org
                   I suppose as matrix is decentralized and because I set the history of the room to fully readable for everyone moving to another homeserver should be possible without losing any content???
           mastodon @hacc
   Growing the organisation
       Get connected to already existing initiatives within the 
       Talk to Constanze
   Model for group decisions
   Name discussion

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