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Dates and mainline call for participation

We want to have a “Bits & Bäume” village with self-organised sessions and workshops.

Who wants to camp together with Bits & Bäume

This also serves as list for the replicating ticket voucher. Please contact the c3sus mailinglist when you want to participate :)

village registration village wiki page

  • blipp
  • yolo
  • Gunnar
  • coco
  • guenther (KaMaRo)
  • raphael
  • Kamaro 2 (please replace with your nick/name)
  • iexos
  • Kolossos
  • hanno
  • faze
  • aleχ
  • lynx
  • deBaer
  • Amiryfey

Programm Suggestions

  • Workshop: Calculate carbon footprints - Bring your stuff, questions, travel plans, food, ... - and we'll try to find out its emissions. (Gunnar)
  • Workshop: Let's go there by land not by air - Bring your destination/itinerary and we'll find out how to go there without involving aeroplanes. Far-out and exotic destinations, please! Special: How to go everywhere by electric car. (Gunnar)
  • Windpower, Libre solar, weather data & German power grid (Kolossos)
  • potential effects of a carbon-tax, political stupidity like limiting PV in Germany at 52GW (German).
  • Talk: How to build your own balcony PV [1] (coco)
  • Talk: Introducing my e-waste study: project page
  • Regular event: Bits of Plants. In 2015 there was a market outside the camp area where you could buy fresh vegetables. If it will be there again, I'll make some vegan fingerfood or salad every evening. Everybody is welcome to help or just to eat with us. (coco)
  • Experiments especially for kids, showing the effects of CO_2 as a green house gas, its effects on water and more. Generally presenting experiments showing the basic physical principles of the causes of climate change. HACC CSV
  • Hackerflauschkommunen, Aufzucht und Pflege: An impulse and discussion from trying out the idea of perpetuating #cccamp2007. (deBaer)

Times of arrival + means of transport

Please see the timeline in the camp's official wiki for reference.

(Nick)Name Date of Arrival Date of Departure Means of Transport Space left for more stuff?
blipp 18.8. 28.8. train probably not
coco 19.08. 25.08. train + bicycle no
lynx 21.08. 26.08. train + bassliner no
Gunnar 21.08. 25.08. cargobike no
iexos 20.08. 26.08. train + bassliner no

Other projects for the camp

  • Low-carbon bicycle transport:
    • The location (Ziegeleipark Mildenberg) is close to the Berlin-Copenhagen cycleway, which is part of national and european long-distance cycle routes. We will organize a one day cycling trip, further planning will happen in the Camp Wiki.
    • By bike from west to east : a group is taking shape to cycle via R1. Start August 10 from Arnhem, about 70km per day. Would be nice to join the one day cycling trip from Berlin. Interested in joining? Let's talk on #bike2cccamp2019@:matrix.org
  • Agro-Robot-Demo (https://kamaro-engineering.de/)