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This is the page of the group HACC CSV. CSV stands for Collaboration, Science, Visualization and Data. That pretty much sums up what we are doing.

Please add your ideas and projects!


At 35C3 and afterwards we worked on pads to collect resources, data and ideas concerning the goals of the group.


Here is a new pad for brainstorming and writing down ideas and thoughts and/or discuss them. After some consensus the information can be moved to the wiki

hacc-csv Collaboration, Science, Visualization and Data.


Information sources

Sources:EnergySystems (already added to the list above)


Currently running

  • Supporting "Lehrernetzwerk Klimawandel" founded February 20th 2019 in Munich (Bavarian State Ministry of the Environment, LMU and teachers of different schools in Bavaria)
  • Creating experiments showing the basic physical principles of the causes of climate change
  • Collecting links, visualizations, data and data sources to establish a knowledge base
  • Implementing a simple climate model of the earth
    • In cooperation with the Meteorological Institute Munich
    • For pupils to learn programming and possibly for challenges at the Camp or Congress
    • Visualization with LEDs
  • Implementing a Forecast-Factory-like system for the congress were everyone can join in to calculate some simple equations and create weather
    • In cooperation with the Meteorological Institute Munich


  • Establish some kind of regular conference via matrix or some other means