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== Knowledge base "how to green a conference" ==
<b>Collect valuable sources of knowledge and discuss it :)</b><br><br>
<b>Collect valuable sources of knowledge and discuss it :)</b><br><br>

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Collect valuable sources of knowledge and discuss it :)

  • one goal already reached in Leipzig: a sustainable caterer (improvements still needed) https://www.do-it-at-leipzig.de/de/Suche/Auszeichnung-fuer-nachhaltiges-Catering-fairgourmet-gewinnt-Meeting-Experts-Green-Award_1156.html?news1263.id=107&news1263.year=2017&news1263.month=2&strQuery=nachhaltig&jumpancor=news107
  • a "completely green event" by Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt: https://www.nachhaltigkeitspreis.de/ueber-uns/green-event/
  • a little bit offtopic but maybe worth a read: https://www.bund-berlin.de/themen/klima-ressourcen/energie-klimaschutz/gesundheitswesen/

  • we might need:

  • a co2-calculator for congress related transports/storage, travel, accomodation + and something to compare it to other events

  • still unsorted links:

  • https://media.ccc.de/v/34c3-9184-a_hacker_s_guide_to_climate_change_-_what_do_we_know_and_how_do_we_know_it/related
  • https://bits-und-baeume.org/de
  • https://nachhaltig.digital/
  • https://nachhaltig.digital/index.php?menuecms=2830&id=224 https://nachhaltig.digital/index.php?menuecms=2830&id=305

    unsorted thoughts:

  • at 35c3 (partially already at 34c3) we had a local transportation ticket included and collectively financed :)
  • many things at congress are built with wood :)
  • we have an inhouse navigation tool and inhouse phone system (POC), reducing costs for international guests :)
  • congress helpers often sleep at hostels or collective housing projects :)
  • we have "congress everywhere" :)
  • we collectively re-use and repair old gadgets at congress - and we teach others how to do it (soldering!!) :)
  • our electronics gadgets are mainly made of plastic, have a short lifespan and use lots of power :(
  • is the energy source for heating and electricity at congress/camp/event sustainable?
  • -> (Messe Leipzig?! http://www.leipziger-messe.de/unternehmen/nachhaltigkeit/)
    -> sustainable fairground with tents https://www.dbu.de/phpTemplates/publikationen/pdf/1106120214467vbo.pdf

  • could we ask a bike sharing company to deliver ~100 bikes to the CAMP? this might reduce individual transportation costs and reduce loading space and coordination efforts. if the bikes can be used "30/60 minutes for free" or locally used via an untracked codelock app, we might just pay the bike rental a general fee for delivery&service

  • --Ralf (talk) 20:55, 02 February 2019 (CET)