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Welcome to the Hackers Against Climate Change Crisis Wiki!

"Hackers against Climate Change" was a preliminary name for a variety of working groups/action groups that gathered during the "Hackers against Climate Change" session at the 35th Chaos Communication Congress in Leipzig. A lot of info was compiled in a variety of pads. It serves since as the name of this Wiki and two local groups in Munich and Siegen. There was some HACC related activity at 36C3.

Please feel free to create an account (an unfortunate requirement due to spammers) and start contributing to this Wiki, so that we can gather information in an ordered and searchable form!

If you tell people about this project/multitude of projects, please remember that you can reach this wiki via or, too.

Communication Channels

Mailing Lists

There is a mailing list for HACC and one for c3sus: Feel free to subscribe and contribute!

Some notes for admins creating a new mailing list.


HACC Matrix-Group at Start chatting at

For c3sus, see c3sus#Chats

Social Media

See c3sus#Social Media


There is a cryptpad that can be used for HACC topics:


Upcoming Events

Similar Groups

There are independently founded groups we are in contact with or cooperate with:

Learning and staying informed

Information sources