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Hi, I'm Peter. I currently live in Munich, Germany.

I am an administrator of this Wiki.

I believe – partly based on my studies in business administration – that leadership by example is the most convincing and effective way to lead. Therefore, we must start with our own behaviour, our own ecological footprints. I believe we need to do that by fighting common phenomenons as "gear acquisition syndrome", by creating (and promoting) services that are ethically sound and run efficiently, that do not require the latest hardware and by trying to be climate conscious with every decision (I love, btw.). This the place we can start now. Activism is necessary, too – but it takes a ton of time to pressure politics to even consider effective regulation, and as the the example of "Wifi hotspot regulation" shows, the actions of conflicting interest groups may lead to several legislative attempts until we will get a result that somehow feels "worth it".

Also I believe that language matters.

You can contact me/follow me on Mastodon.

36C3 DECT: 4209