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Disclaimer: This is c3sus' internal wiki. We chose to leave it public for transparency reasons and to ease collaboration. There might be unfinished thoughts and ideas not thought through in our notes. Notably, there might be ideas that are incompatible with the way CCC events are organised right now, or conflicting with important requirements of the events. Or ideas that are already implemented by a CCC orga team or that have already been tried in the past and didn't work out. In these cases we just don't know better, yet: those events are huge and have a long history. Thus, please read our notes with a grain of salt. If you want to help us and know something we should know, please drop us a line, we are happy to hear from you.

present: blipp, aimee, nos, gunnar, coco, nora

check-in: how is everyone doing?

  • Nora - good, looking forward to the discussion
  • aimeejulia - very excited to be back
  • Nos - I should read my unreaded e-mails again - not so much time to do things
  • blipp - quite stressed a lot of things to do until congress - c3sus & cluster work mostly communication for the tap water dispenser 2nd location very political
  • coco - joined in a little later, very tired
  • Gunnar - good but had a parallel telephone conference today which took much longer than expected


  • how do we deal with the money? - Can be collected in person at congress - Blipp will collect it and keep it safe.
  • blipp ordered them via Aliexpress and will bring them to Congress
  • sporks sale location, 1. next to queues at food stalls (not being done), 2. next to about:freedom cluster, 2. option is preferred backup plan: ask #späti whether they can sell some for us
  • blipp will prepare a list that will help to track 'revenue' and amount of sporks given away - everyone who will sell them please keep track of what you collect
  • ideally someone should be nearby to keep an eye on it - agreement with Bits&Bäume and others being around at the cluster to help with this

individualization for sporks

  • coco was wanting to organise something - hammer-in kind of embossing?
  • we should include the costs in the price of the sporks to reimburse her costs - agreed
  • other ideas: lasers? and others in the rocketchat channel... perhaps hackerspaces in attendance would have some different ideas / methods they could offer
  • everyone can talk to the hackerspaces they know are coming and encourage them to offer their spork costumization services


  • Bits&Bäume will bring flyers and maybe stickers and posters
  • Nos would like something with upcycling, posters and decoration that is representative of bits&bäume
  • Cark from Bits&Bäume is thinking about an self organized session (workshop/ lecture etc.)
  • the about:freedom cluster will be located in CCL, not far from heaven

water dispenser

  • blipp asked companies for quotes to rent water dispenser and installing them on site, this should be finalised tomorrow. There can be a tap water dispenser device (like at Camp) near the Angel's kitchen.
  • Tap water refill station - This turned out to be unrealisable as there is no water outlet in CCL.

print labels

  • to be used by angels to label bottles and other personal objects
  • being discussed in the heaven how to announce the water dispenser to the angels and bring their own bottle etc.
  • ideas: blank labels which everyone can fill in themselves - does not need a printer or volunteer to man this
  • organising nicer labels etc would be at this point too much work but we can consider this for the next event/s
  • ask heaven if they are already doing this so that we don't double the work - aimeejulia will ask them
  • sourcing of labels - talk to heaven if they would buy them
  • kind of label needed - temporary that survives 4 to 5 days
  • ideas: just a permanent marker - unsure about ease of use, readability and durability of writing directly on the bottle
  • costs can be reimbursed in cash by presenting the receipts - general info
  • no of labels - 4500 angels... "brother" labels would cost around €12
  • label printing machines would only be possible if we have a volunteer/s to man the facility - we are open to it if someone comes forward to do it in future
  • idea for the future - well recognised activity around sustainable labels eg recycled
  • shipping can be sent directly to messe, Nora will research where to get the labels from


sustainability facts

  • “Did you know that…” little facts printed and sticked to toilet doors and to walls

aimeejulia - I am not sure how the messe would feel about stickers on things and if ccc has to pay extra for cleaning these off... maybe we can ask. Alternatively small and easily removable would be ok maybe stuck on with something that doesn't take a lot of effort to clean off and doesn't leave a residue eg masking tape - post-it notes!

  • post it notes needed for about:future table & pens - Gunnar to bring some

organic waste bins call for volunteers (aimeejulia)

apples at the FHB (aimeejulia/fransitek)

Does someone know the average cost of oragnic apples per kg? - 3 to 4 eur per kg

  • need to finalize this whether to go ahead or not based on whether there is a supplier for the apples
  • next step would be to decide about the price and the size of the order
  • a Solawi (Solidarische Landwirtschaft - solidary farming) from Leipzig: https://annalinde-leipzig.de/en/

Round up of c3sus activities during congress


  • assembly with about:future
  • Sporks for sale @bitsundbaüme, backup sale location @späti
  • Labels for angels (bottles, personal belongings) @heaven
  • Electronic give and take boxes @hardware hacking area & sticker stations (coco/aimeejulia)
  • organic waste bins in the halls (aimeejulia + volunteers)
  • c3sus meeting: https://terminplaner4.dfn.de/1s2aOrETOTwtAj4k

still possible

  • apples at the foodhackingbase (aimeejulia/fransitek)
  • recycle cigarette butts (gunnar) - to work on it at congress. aimee can provide gloves.

organised by others but relevent to us

  • Fridays for Future demonstration on site (inside 36c3)
  • Critical Mass wants to pick up people in front of Messe to drive to Critical Mass together

Open or on-hold topics and latest status

  • To be continued at meeting at Congress
  • Went Less Awesome: shadow sustainability programme on our wiki page did not update automatically -> use/create some software/script that can do that - send a call out on the mailing list to ask if anyone can pick this up - What does it relate to? Is it only camp-related?
  • Develop self-conception of the group, incl. discuss how does C3Sus wants to interact with other groups
  • CO2 offsetting for trucks
  • recycle/reuse stuff that is leftover, i.e construction wood & broken sofa waste - liaising with LOC
  • Fahrradaufladestation
  • on/off toggle for foodsharing and bin features for assemblies on c3nav
  • Food vendors choice - meet dodger at 36C3 to find out more for next year
  • reuse of PLA products and cigarette buts in filament exchange
  • a meeting with c3power would be nice to see how they work, blipp can ask fengel


It is important to celebrate the people/us who give up their time and energy to make all this happen :-) Let's meetup for a chat and a hug towards the end of congress.