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  • Attendees: blipp, coco, aimee, gunnar, faze, nora, heidi, Nos, rave, jojo

C3Sus meeting on 36c3 day 1

Who are we?

  • blipp: spork sale, cares for the tap water dispensers.
  • nora: does different things here
  • heidi: helps with the organic waste bins
  • faze: feels sick today :(
  • coco: spork customization, organized electronics waste boxes
  • nos: helps with the organic waste bins
  • rave: new to the team, wants to help with the organic waste bins
  • gunnar: dispatches post-it notes with CO2 footprints of things
  • jojo: new to the team
  • aimee: cares for the organic waste bins

Pool at Camp

  • Blipp: issue about getting the pool at camp turned off, created fuss with security team, blipp talked to the village people, they know now that it wasn't c3sus, everyone is happy :)

Water dispensers

  • Joined project with C3GELB, seems to work fine. Angel shifts needed to have overflow containers emptied.
  • Two of them are in Engelküche
  • Next to C3WOC
  • For next year there will be a new effort made to establish this officially


  • 40 of 240 sold so far
  • we could try to sell them walking around in the glass hall
  • gunnar and coco want to try that
  • Chaos West have a table where they sell stuff
  • Sale via Späti doesn't work
  • EcoHackerFarm could try to sell them as well


  • Box of signs was collected at the camp, is now at the LOC
  • Faze and Heidi will go through them and check which ones can be re-used at Congress and which ones should be stored for next camp


  • We wanted to talked to Fengel and see if he would give us more input on how power is managed, won't happen.
  • CO2 off-setting


  • collaboration with c3trash - they are not so experienced, so they didn't want to take on more work
  • Aimee gave one bin to Foodhackingbase and a bag the Coffee Nerds
  • There are enough volunteers who help emptying the bins
  • Nos and Rave will get get three 50 litre bins and bring them to Ecohackerfram
  • One bin to Coffee Nerd (they only have a bag) and two more next to central toilets


  • Organising apples for donations didn't happend

Cigarette butts

  • Gunnar will collect them at Congress and take them back to Berlin
  • Then they will find their way to tobacycle (a company in Cologne that deals with them)

C3Sus meeting continues on day 2


  • Chaos West took some
  • a few were sold proactively by some of us by speaking to people to
  • Wikipaka would be interesed but we would have to get in touch earlier for next year
  • All Sporks that are left over can be stored with LOC for next year
  • estimation: half of them were sold, about €150 earned so far

Meeting with C-Punkt

  • Faze talked to CPunkt last year about CO2 offsetting
  • CO2 offsetting, voluntarily paid during ticket pre-sale. Good idea? Feasible?
  • This should be picked up
  • Event should spend some money on CO2 offsetting
  • sustainabiluty budget - where should the money come from
  • Idea: During pre-sale a process could be implemented
  • Question for C-Punkt is Is it feasible?
  • 8pm Gunnar and Faze, blipp will meet CPunkt, CCL Seminar room 7
  • Discussion around how to calulate the Carbon foot print
  • we made an appointment with someone from PL for the evening and would like to prepare for it
  • How does PL/CPunkt perveice the purpose of C3Sus?

Questions for Dodger

  • Nora talked to Dodger, he agreed to have a Mumble session in February to talk about Food Vendors Choice and
  • what to do about the water dispensers - how to make them publically accessible?
  • re-usable cuttlery and crookery for next Congress
  • dish-washing station

Communication channels

  • We are currently using mumble, wiki, rocket chat,mailing list
  • Mailing list are fine to keep
  • Discussion

Any other business

  • Having open or on-boarding meeting during Congress
  • C3Sus pre-conception to be discussed