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Ecological Power Supply

A energy harvesting circuit design, to be integrated in embedded controller projects.

  • Event Badges
  • Access Control
  • Weather Balloons
  • Remote Fieldwork
  • Portable Electronics

The first target devices are mid 2021 (EMF? Defcon?) destined, probably badges.


Michael (MSvB on IRC)


<To be determined>

Twitter byline

DE Um Badgegeraete mit Akku-freiem Strom zu versorgen, laden wir Hardware Hacker ein... ...Kicad (Schaltplan) Entwickler, mit ePeas/TI Bauteile zu arbeiten. ...RISC-V Firmware Entwickler, die von uns die Arduino und so moegen. \<Link-auf-wiki-Seite\> EN We're looking for teammates to join battery-free badge power supply developers... ...Kicad (Schematic) editors, to integrate ePeas/TI ICs. ...RISC-V Firmware developers, those of us who work with Arduino and similar. \<Link-auf-wiki-Seite\>


Relevance to Altpwr project (


Schedule an Assembly at rC3 to report and organise (msvb) Create a repository and publish its location here (msvb)


Sylvester: rC3 Assembly (reporting) February: FOSDEM Devroom (reporting)