CCC Sustainability/Conference Calls/February 2019

From Hackers Against Climate Change

Preparation of Topics

  • What do we want to achieve at the events?
  • Where can we get into the Orgateam to achieve these?
  • At which CCC or CCC-related events can someone of us be present and/or get involved to implement some projects/measures?
  • Which potential sources of knowledge exist about sustainable conferences and who will extract the significant content? (i.e.
  • Communication channels
    • Mailing list
    • Twitter
    • Mastodon
    • hacc matrix channel
    • Do we want a Slack-like communication medium, which has channels (hacc matrix channel is only one channel for everyone)? Zulip is a good free and open source alternative to Slack.
  • How to involve non-English speaking people?