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Disclaimer: This is c3sus' internal wiki. We chose to leave it public for transparency reasons and to ease collaboration. There might be unfinished thoughts and ideas not thought through in our notes. Notably, there might be ideas that are incompatible with the way CCC events are organised right now, or conflicting with important requirements of the events. Or ideas that are already implemented by a CCC orga team or that have already been tried in the past and didn't work out. In these cases we just don't know better, yet: those events are huge and have a long history. Thus, please read our notes with a grain of salt. If you want to help us and know something we should know, please drop us a line, we are happy to hear from you.

  • presence: blipp, coco, Foaly, Gunnar, lynx, Raphael, tofu

blipp is too tired now but will translate the German notes to English tomorrow.

Overview over orga teams (tofu)

  • relocation of congress from Berlin -> Hamburg and Hamburg -> Leipzig changed a few things, added new teams, teams split into multiple teams…
  • in Berlin, LOC was basically one person; in Hamburg it became a team
  • shopping/procurement (Team Einkauf) is a sub team of LOC that shops for other teams at Metro
  • NOC has been around for a long time. Making internet work is cool, that's why a lot of people would like to get involved with NOC, traditionally.
  • POC does GSM. eventphone as a company that evolved from that
  • radio (Funk) and Schlüssel(?): rfguy
  • c3power (Strom) is as old as congress, Fengel is involved since a very long time. He has knowledge of a lot of the official regulations (safety, power,…) and is the main contact person.
  • BOC historically this was done by dodger, gnomus took over since ~31c3
    • Bottles was founded because with rising number of participants this couldn't be done any more as a side job of BOC.
    • Lounge and Tschunk bars: historically there was one Tschunk location and this was the Lounge. Now there is more bars, and also paid staff to be able to keep them running till late at night
  • decoration crew: decoration was always a big topic to make the event look awesome. Has grown since Leipzig. Four 40t trucks for light stuff are coming to congress.
  • subtitles
  • speaker's desk
    • catering in speaker's desk might be a topic for us
    • but not so easy to change things there because they want to provide a nice atmosphere for the speakers
[ ] could they use cutlery from Mecklenburgers?
  • content: collection of people/experts in the fields (tracks) that do that already for a long time
  • heralds announce talks
  • VOC is also an old team, quite professional
  • Awareness founded in Leipzig, mediation during events
    • Schiedsstelle (ombudspeople, arbitration board): awareness in between the events on the long term. They have lawyers, social worker
  • Auti
  • CERT has grown very large. They have 3 to 4 palettes of stuff for the events. blubbel is managing this team. If congress would want to grow larger, it would need a professional paid (in the legal sense) CERT. ~1000 people
  • Heaven has had a generation turn-over recently
  • c3food: that's the backstage kitchen that does soup for night shifts. historically they also cooked meat meals.
  • Food stalls: these are contractors of Messe Leipzigs, company is called FairGourmet. We cannot sell our own food. Food for angels is ok, and Tschunk against donation etc. This year, dogder is managing the contract with FairGourmet.
    • Mecklenburger: they are doing the angel food. Since years they are very aware of vegan/vegetarian food + organic waste etc.
  • Projektleitung (PL): people that can officially sign for CCCV GmbH
    • they see themselves as the framework: they do finances (Hinterzimmer), the contracts
    • in case of doubt, that's the people that take a decision
    • otherwise, it's the individual teams or the orga mumble that decide. newcomers need to develop a feeling for who would be concerned by something they want to implement
  • c3sign (die Holzhacker): 5 to 10 people. they print and laminate the signs.

Recharging Service Station (blipp)

  • für Knopfzellen gibt's halt keine wiederaufladbaren
  • Leute die Akkus haben haben auch selbst Akkuladegeräte?
  • Spezialladestationen wird halt schwierig, die können wir ja nicht alle vorhalten
  • Leute, die ihr Handy/Kamera/…ladekabel vergessen haben: die könnte man einfangen an einem Info-Stand „wir laden dir alles“
    • iPhone uralt bis neu
    • USB C
[ ] Kabel zusammen treiben (interessante Re-Use-Strategie alter Kabel)
  • an den Stand können wir auch gleich noch eine Batteriesammelkiste hinstellen
[ ] wegen Safety mal mit Fengel sprechen falls wir das tatsächlich machen wollen (Tofu)
  • Ökostrom wär natürlich geil (Tofu)
  • Idee: Fahrradaufladestation (selbst trebbeln)
[ ] wir müssten uns zur Betreuung dazu Schichten aufteilen (das ist erstmal Eigenregie und _nicht_ Engelschichten)

Akku/rechargeable batteries vs single-use batteries (blipp)

Recycle cigarette butts (blipp)

  • There is different initiatives to recycle cigarette butts.
  • Does someone know/has experience with TobaCycle in Germany? https://tobacycle.de/
    • The actual recycling sounds still a bit unclear… So I'd say we need to understand if this system is actually sustainable before going further
  • Do you think this could be a low-hanging fruit for congress? In the sense: we collect cigarette butts at a few places where people usually smoke, and invest some money to send them as a package to one of the NGOs/companies. “Nothing much” to organise.
  • What's the process?
    • ask PL/orga mumble first?
    • ask the NGOs/companies first?
    • A colleague of mine runs the ballot bins Cigarette butts recycling thing in Spandau. Use that Idea? Ballotbin.co.uk (Gunnar asks Spandau what happens with their collected butts)
  • There is a smoking area in front of the main glass hall near the food cubicles (Fresswürfel)

Tap water project (blipp)

  • BOC is discussing with our beverages provider if we can rent taps from them
  • we are basically waiting until PL gives green light
  • but the probability is high that there will be 1 or 2 water refill stations
  • c3sus can help with the final implementation and presentation
    • signs
    • explanation videos how to use them, how to name-tag your bottle, …
    • Idea: counter of water refills to say how many plastic bottles we reduced

Bits&Bäume village (blipp)

  • two locations are possible for about:freedom: CCL like last year or hall 3.
  • blipp has about:freedom orga mumble on Tuesday or Wednesday and likes to get input for pro and contra CCL or hall 3
  • also: which organisations could we ask to join the about:planet part of about:freedom?
[x] should we separate c3sus and the village to different mailing lists? -> no.
    • bei so viel Überschneidung an „Personal“ passt das schon
    • außerdem sind alle hier im Call gerade auch in der Bits&Bäume village gewesen aufm Camp
  • contra halle: it's dark and pretty noisy in there, having conversations might become an issue
  • pro CCL: flow of people only from one side, it's brighter and less noisy

Invite people to submit to the Call for Participation (blipp)

  • There is a nice motto “Resource Exhaustion” and a nice content track “Resilience & Sustainability”
  • In addition to the “Have Your Say” call by the content team, we could also directly motivate people to make submissions. This is just to brainstorm, I'll coordinate with Rainer from about:freedom such that we don't contact people more than once
    • blipp: Chris Adams
    • blipp: Psychologists for Future
    • XR?
    • FFF?
    • Scientist for Future: wäre auch cool wenn sie was inhaltlich machen
    • Ende Gelände?
  • Ideen für about:planet:
    • Raphael's Experimente. Vllt auch in die Nähe des Kidspace?
  • Wo ist der Kidspace?
    • Letztes Jahr war er im Obergeschoss im CCL, also eine Treppe über uns
  • Was ist genau das Konzept der BürgerInnenversammlung von XR?

Print info material about climate change (RW, everyone)

  • Make use of items that get produced anyway
    • beer coasters
    • bottle lables (blipp might be able to speak to gnomus whether anything similar is being planned)
  • blipp takes the idea to about:freedom and their info sheet which is going to be printed anyway
  • list of items that could get printed and hung up at various places :
  • Do we have pictures for stickers?
    • Stickers like post stamps (Spuckis)